What we have done – 2019 annual report

Every Autumn the Ward of Cheap team provides an update on the work we have done over the last few months to represent local residents and City workers. In this edition we provide an update on two resolutions adopted by the annual Ward meeting in March – asking what the City of London is doing to tackle homelessness and improve diversity in our institutions. Our report also covers the Plastic Free City initiative, investment strategy, action to improve air quality and measure to promote social mobility and support education across London. You can read all about it here.

Tougher clean air legislation

The City of London wants law makers to get tough on polluting emissions from combustion plants such as boilers, generators, off-road mobile-machinery and combined heat and power plants. It also wants to see a crackdown on idling engines. As a member of both Policy and Resources Committee and Port Health and Environmental Service Committee I have supported the City’s efforts to accelerate progress.

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Preventing homelessness and rough sleeping

Last week I joined the first meeting of the City Corporation’s new homelessness and rough sleeping sub committee – important timing as we start preparing for the winter. Together with Alderman Luder I represent the Police Committee on this sub committee and I had the privilege to be elected as deputy chair under the leadership of my colleague Cllr Marianne Fredricks.

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The City: Beyond Financial Services – Education

The City of London is best known as a global centre for financial and professional services – and rightly so. But there is so much more to the City. This year I will use a series of posts on my blog to highlight how the City makes a difference to our communities in London and beyond. Starting with something very close to my heart: education.

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