Supporting rough sleepers during the winter months

As the weather is turning, we are preparing to support homeless people during the cold winter months. COVID-19 has seen City of London resources deployed in different ways and has forced a change to the planning we would normally have in place at this time. As Deputy Chair of the City’s Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Committee I’ve stressed the importance of a pan-London approach.

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New local police officers on the beat in Cheap

The City of London Police has launched its new Sector Policing model, which will see new dedicated local Police Officers on the beat in the Ward of Cheap and around Cheapside. Together with my Ward colleague Cllr Nick Bensted-Smith, I have championed this new approach as a member of the police authority board, because we believe a more local approach to policing in the City will benefit our communities, residents, businesses and visitors.

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Support culture to strengthen our City

“With the PM’s guidance to work from home, footfall on our high streets is also way down.” But fellow member of the Barbican Centre Board, Jenny Waldman, rightly emphasises in the Evening Standard that visiting museums can help. She references a report by Arts Council England revealing that 75% of buildings used by arts organisations are either on or within a 5-minute walk of a high street, adding that “culture is embedded in the high street, supporting local economies and community cohesion.”

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City vows to eliminate carbon pollution by 2040

The City of London is planning to eliminate its carbon dioxide emissions by 2040 – ten years ahead of the national target – investing 68 million pounds to tackle climate change and create 800 jobs over the next six years. Earlier this month we approved a Climate Action Strategy at our full Council meeting. For more info click here.

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Open for business: Cheapside

In the shadows of St Paul’s Cathedral in the historic heart of the City of London Cheapside has been an attractive area for shopping and hospitality for centuries. And it is open for business! At the end of September the Cheapside Business Alliance reported that out of the 288 shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs in the area, 207 (or 72%) were open. This is up from 66% at the start of September. Come and visit. Now it is more than ever important to support our local businesses where you can.

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