Prioritising the needs of crime victims and building a genuinely inclusive culture are part of a new policing plan announced by the City of London Corporation’s Police Authority Board. The Police Authority will work with the City of London Police to “create a culture of inclusion and equity that attracts, retains, promotes and supports a diverse range of talent” and “provides an effective service to all of our communities.”

At a local level, the Police will keep people who live in, work in, and visit the Square Mile safe. The plan aims to maintain the City as the safest business district in the world, and support a continued increase in footfall as London recovers from the COVID pandemic, with a priority focus on counter terrorism.

At a national level, as the UK’s Lead Force for tackling fraud, the City police will prioritise protecting the UK from the threat of economic and cyber-crime.

The new plan sets out a refreshed vision for the City police – to provide a local service with a national role, trusted by the communities that it serves to deliver policing with professionalism, integrity, and compassion. Our job is to hold the Commissioner to account. Together, we will make sure that the City is the safest business district in the world.

The new Policing Plan is the first to be overseen by the force’s new Commissioner, Angela McLaren, who was appointed by the Police Authority Board last year as the 16th commissioner in the City Police’s 182-year history.

The Police Authority Board’s main role is to make sure that the City of London Police runs an effective and efficient service by holding the Commissioner to account; to ensure value for money in how the police is run; and to set policing priorities, taking into account the views of the community.

The City of London Police Policing Plan 2022-25 can be accessed here.