London has topped the rankings out of 80 cities around the globe for a higher quality of life and social capital, according to a new report. Boston Consulting Group analysed responses from 25,000 residents in 80 cities around the world and using over 150 metrics.

The UK’s capital – as reported by CityAM – won the title for a variety of factors including its diverse leisure scene.

Inclusivity was another key contributor. BCG also found that almost 70 per cent of female respondents said Londoners had equal opportunities regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or other factors – the average across the next top five cities (New York, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Abu Dhabi) was just 51 per cent. 

The transport network also helped the capital climb the ranks. While a fifth of residents in the other top-five cities said their regular station was too far from their home or office, less than 10 per cent said the same for London.

“Social capital” which helped London top the list, included factors such as residents’ social connections, equality, identifying with culture and history, and a sense of safety. Those factors were put to the test as a result in the spring of 2020, when the survey was conducted and at the start of the pandemic and global lockdowns.