It’s London Climate Action week and a chance to celebrate the work being done to tackle climate change in our capital city. It’s an opportunity to highlight and bring to the forefront the challenges we are facing and need to address to make a real difference.

As the Lord Mayor writes in CityAMclimate change is a major global issue affecting everyone on the planet. Scientific evidence tells us that the climate is already changing and that we need radical action if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, thereby avoiding its more extreme effects.

Here in the City we are tackling it through our radical Climate Action Strategy, which will make the Square Mile an international leader in the fight against carbon emissions. This work will make the City net zero carbon-emissions by 2040, 10 years earlier than government goals.

As the governing body of the Square Mile and the area’s planning authority, we are still seeing strong developer confidence, despite the pandemic.

Firms have told us that they remain committed to the City, and we are strengthening our planning regulations to make sure new developments include carbon reduction proposals in their designs and encourage sustainable buildings with low carbon materials, green roofs and walls.

And we will support workers and businesses in other dynamic ways, such as creating more street space for walking and cycling and other sustainable travel, widening pavements, creating new parks, and bringing in timed street closures and flood-resistant road surfaces.”