Join the new Community Scrutiny Group and help shape policing the City of London. The Group is made up of community members who live or work in the Square Mile.

What is a Community Scrutiny Group (CSG)?

  • Community Scrutiny Groups are made up of community members who live or work in the area the Police Force covers.
  • The City of London Police geographical area is one square mile and we also assist and work with the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police in their area.
  • The City of London is populated by residents, businesses, large Corporations, City Workers (who spend a majority of their working hours in the City of London) or volunteers. 

What does a Community Scrutiny Group do?

  • The new CSG is designed to meet the community member’s policing needs. 
  • CSGs are independent of the police and it allows you (our community) to ask the police questions? As a CSG Member/Group, you will task the police to provide you with the answers to your policing questions. If you’re not happy with how we are policing, you need to tell us. You need to hold us to account and challenge how we police.
  • Cyber-crime is increasing and the Force are aware that it is more likely to be one of the concerns businesses have.  Creating a CSG just for businesses may not necessarily address all their needs.  To combat crime, especially cyber-crime, education and awareness is more effective, than to solely act as a critical friend.  To address this, Cyber Griffin has been created to educate and safeguard businesses and individuals through awareness and education.  The details for Cyber Griffin can be found by visiting  Where businesses face non cyber-crime issues, they can attend a CSG that will address all policing matters that effect the City.

Members Benefits

  • Understand how policing decisions are made
  • Review the (data) records for police activity in your neighbourhood
  • Act as a critical friend to help the police
  • Ask the police questions
  • Understand police Stop & Search
  • You do not have to be qualified to conduct the role

Why join the Community Scrutiny Group?

  • We will train you on policing activities
  • You get to represent your community and your views
  • You will gain skills in community engagement
  • Some members put the role on their CV

How much time do I have to commit?

The time commitment depends on you. Normally the meetings are expected to last a couple of hours and can be held quarterly (every three months). However, if you would like to commit more time because you would like to engage with the police, that is up to you. You can attend as many meetings as you like. There will be minutes of the meeting held which will bring you up to speed. 

What commitment is required?

There are three types of members for the Community Scrutiny Group (CSG).  Regular Members, Youth Members and Walk-in-Members.

  • Regular Members are adult community (members who commit to the role for at least one year.  They are trained and security cleared (vetted).  They manage and run the Community Scrutiny Group and hold roles such as the Chair, Vice Chair, minute taker and Lead Representatives (for Complaints, Stop & Search, Use of Force, Vulnerability etc.) and they raise policing matters they want to discuss at the meetings.  The CSG regular members decide (in conjunction with the police) when meetings will be held. 
  • Youth Members will form part of the Youth Community Scrutiny Group, which is identical to the Community Scrutiny Group, but it run and managed by community Youth Members (aged 14 years to 18 years).  The two groups are separate because it is important that we allow everyone’s voice to be heard.  The Youth Community Group’s meetings will be held outside of school or higher educational hours to allow for attendance (e.g. 4pm to 5pm or weekends).  The time and dates for the meeting will be decided by the Youth Community Group Members, in conjunction with the City Police.  Being part of this Youth Community Scrutiny Group will allow you to develop skills that you may not be able to develop at school or in higher education.     
  • Walk-in-Members are community members who are not able to commit to the Regular Members or Youth Members role, but attend when they can.  They do not have any dedicated roles, but they can contribute to the meetings discussions.  The dates and times of the Community Scrutiny meetings will be published on the City of London Police website. 

Why are the City of London Police doing this?

We want to go further for our community and the City of London residents.  Community Scrutiny Groups helps the police to be more effective because we learn from your views and experiences.  One of the most powerful ways to make a change, is to be part of it.  

How to apply: Complete the community scrutiny group application form visiting

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