A big thank you to the local City workers and residents who alerted me to a very unpleasant smell on Foster Lane. Thanks to your reports I managed to secure a commitment from the Corporation’s cleansing team to inspect the sewers, with surprising results…

They discovered a ‘fat mountain’, which was blocking the drainage and causing these smells. Over the summer break the Corporation has cleared the sewer and reminded some local restaurants not to wash cooking oils through the drains. Foster Lane is now back to its normal pleasant environment.


Fat mountain in sewers – courtesy of Rev Paul Kennedy, St Vedast Church, Foster Lane

Repair works on Cheapside and St Martin’s-le-Grand

Last month there have been several road closures due to emergency repairs to gas or water pipes on Cheapside and St Martin’s le Grand. We are conscious that this causes disruption and congestion. It is important that these repairs are undertaken, but we are in close contact with officers from the Corporation to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. The works were programmed to take place during the traditionally-quieter summer holiday period, but like many complex works, they have over-run and we have encouraged a proper fix to be made rather than risk temporary repairs which don’t last.