As Member of the City of London’s Police Committee I had a change to raise the issue of safer cycling with the Commissioner last week. A recent City survey should 90% of on-street journeys in the City are walked, and 65% of road users think the needs of people walking is underprioritised.

Part of this is due to fact streets and walk ways in the Square Mile are very busy. But my Ward of Cheap colleagues and I are receiving increasingly more numbers of complaints about dangerous behaviour of some cyclists around Cheapside and the junction at St Paul’s Tube Station. This is why it is welcome that the City’s consultation on a new 25 year vision for our transport strategy indicated that pedestrians will be a key priority going forward.

The stakeholder engagement report on the new strategy identified improving cycling behaviour (jumping red lights, cycling on pavement etc) as a concern of many residents and City workers. And Bank Saftey scheme monitoring indicated a general trend of increasing collusions between cyclists and pedestrians in the Square Mile. Indeed 8 out of 11 incidents at the junction during the trail period were between cyclists and pedestrians.

file-e1537627726736.pngBank Safety scheme Annex on collusions during trial period

You can of course not always point the finger to cyclists as often pedestrians pay more attention to their phones than the road… All road users need to be aware of their surroundings and respect other (more vulnerable) users.

But the general trend is worrying. This is why I have called upon the Commissioner and the City Corporation’s road safety team to continue to work closely together and with TfL to present a balanced approach focussing on education, behavioural change and enforcement against dangerous cyling.

I have asked for:

  • Joint strategy to be presented at Police Commitee – linked to development of the City’s new transport stategy
  • Allocate relevant resources to Cycle Cops in the City
  • City Corporation to look at supporting the Government’s consultation on strengthening law around cycle offenses
  • Include enforcement actions in monthly police tasking, for example looking at Cheapside and junction at St Paul’s Tube Station
  • Look at creating clear spaces for pedestrians and cyclists where possible, and continuing support for Bank Junction scheme