This week I attended my first meetings as newly appointed member of two Police Sub-Committees. We had some important discussions on policing priorities and initiatives to promote standards within the City’s Police force, and given the recent terrorist attacks in London we all recognised the dedication and commitment of our women and men keeping our City safe 24/7.

At the Committee meetings we also had a good exchange with the Assistant Commissioner on local policing priorities. This was an opportunity for me to thank the Police for organising a Citywide operation a few weeks ago checking and advising cyclists who drive dangerously; for example getting on the pavement or ignoring red lights. Following several complaints from local City workers, at my request officers also focussed on a few hot spots in and around Cheapside. In the end there were 3 tickets and 2 cycle offence reports given out in this area.

As mentioned in my blog before, growing up in the Netherlands cycling is in my blood. I therefore very much welcome the Mayor of London, TfL and the City’s initiatives to encourage cycling and improve safety for cyclists such as the trial at Bank Junction. But unfortunately some cyclists think it’s OK to drive on the pavement or ignore red lights. In the end we all have a responsibility to protect and respect other road users. This is why it is important the Police show they speak to everyone about their behaviour and take action where necessary.

For more information on the Police Sub Committees see:

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