The experimental scheme at Bank Junction will go live on Monday 22 May 2017. This means that only pedal cyclists and buses will be able to cross Bank Junction, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7am to 7pm.  Other vehicles will be rerouted via advanced warning signs on the approaches to the area and the junction.
There are a selection of maps on the Bank on Safety website regarding taxi rank locations, loading areas, length restrictions and access routes to each of the approach arms, which are available to download – click here for more information.

Bank Junction scheme
Bank Junction scheme

Let me know what you think

As part of the experiment the City of London Corporation is monitoring impact of the scheme on traffic elsewhere and conducting a survey for road users before and after the changes are put in place.

We encourage anyone that passes through Bank, to take a couple of minutes and let the City know what you think about Bank now.  The exercise will be repeated after the experiment has settled in. The survey is now open and will close on Sunday 21 May – click here to access the survey.

All three local Councillors for the Ward of Cheal are closely following the scheme and will review any feedback. We have met the team working on Bank Junction and Deputy Alastair Moss sits on the City’s Planning and Transportation Committee, which oversees the project.

There are some important issues to look at, such as accessibility for local businesses, impact on traffic elsewhere in the area, access for disabled people and impact on taxis, but we believe the trial is the right thing to do.  Bank Junction is currently too dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, and the square doesn’t offer an attractive public space.

A trial period will give everyone a chance to get their views heard and ensure we design the best possible solution for the future.

If you want to raise any questions or concerns directly just email and I’ll get back to you.