The Corporation has delayed roll out of Bank Junction scheme to mid-May. The part-closure was due to start in April, but the need to engage with wide range of stakeholders has moved the start back. It is good to see that the Corporation takes time to engage with as many stakeholders as possible. Earlier this week the team working on the scheme for example organised a drop-in to answer questions from locals. I have received several questions about Bank Junction.  This is why I am meeting the project team later this month to discuss their plans to make sure all road users, local residents, businesses and City workers get involved in shaping the final plans.

There are some important issues to look at, such as accessibility for disabled people and impact on taxis, but the scheme is the right thing to do. The Junction is currently too dangerous in particular for cyclists and pedestrians, and the square doesn’t offer an attractive public space. A trial period and a public consultation will give everyone a chance to get their views heard, and ensure we design the best possible solution.

The primary objective is to achieve a 50-60% reduction in casualties in the area. The City is also expecting to see improvements in air quality at the junction and reduced journey times for bus passengers on a number of routes.


During weekdays only cyclists and buses will be allowed to use Bank junction between the hours of 7am and 7pm. Lasting an initial 18 months, the aim is to make the junction safer for cyclists and pedestrians

I believe it is crucial to make sure all road users and local residents, businesses and City workers get involved in shaping the final plans. I am therefore keen to get your views. You can either email me or fill in a short survey here.