Yesterday I was honoured to be elected as one of the three Common Councilmen for the Ward of Cheap. Turn out was just over 50%, which is a big increase on the last election and reflects the engagement and interest I experienced during the campaign.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and I look forward working together with Alastair Moss and Nick Bensted-Smith and Alderman, The Lord Mountevans, Jeffrey Evans to represent everyone living, working and doing business in the Ward of Cheap. Results of all wards can be found on the City of London website here.

Full results for the Ward of Cheap

Nicholas Michael Bensted-Smith Independent 168 (E)
Tijs Broeke Independent 169 (E)
Alastair Michael Moss Independent 178 (E)
Ann Marjorie Francesca Pembroke Independent 107
Candidates address after results were declared at the Wardmote