Today all the candidates joined registered voters in the Ward of Cheap for the traditional Wardmore – or meeting of citizens. Every candidate had an opportunity to give their final presentation before polling day tomorrow, Thursday 23rd of March. It has been fantastic meeting so many people based in the Ward of Cheap over the last few months. It would be an honour to represent the Ward if elected to serve as one of the three Common Councilmen. See below full text of my election address.


“It is a privilege to be one of the candidates standing for election in the Ward of Cheap.

First of all I would like to thank Nick, Alastair and Ann for their campaigns. We all have different backgrounds. This means tomorrow you have a real choice in electing three Common Councilmen to represent you for the next 4 years.

The City of London Corporation is a unique institution. As a historian by background I am passionate about its history and traditions. As a Londoner, connected to the ward, I care immensely about its future.

I am standing as an independent candidate because I believe I can add a fresh perspective, new energy and new ideas to the team you’ll elect tomorrow.

Over the last few months I’ve spoken with people from across the ward. Giving me a real understanding of the priorities for those who live, work and do businesses in the Square Mile.

I have really enjoyed these meetings.There is a genuine appetite and enthusiasm to know more about what City does, and going forward, to get more contact and communications from your local Common Councilmen.

If elected tomorrow, I will get stuck in, and work with the team to reach out to people in different ways and through different channels.

I will combine my professional background in representing businesses at a senior level, with my experience in communications, and my commitment to voluntary service. For example when I was a Special Constable supporting the Police on the front line, or currently as a Trustee leading charities such as Working Change – which some of you might recall was one of the beneficiaries for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal chosen by Dame Fiona Woolf in 2014.

I will also use my professional experience to lobby Government on your behalf, represent the City internationally and promote the Corporation across the country.

The City, livery companies and businesses based within, are supporting important causes. Such as education and employment across London and beyond. It is time we tell more people about this great work.

I will be an approachable and active Common Councilman.

As an independent consultant I have the time and flexibility to commit to the work of being a Common Councilman. And as it happens my next project will be based around the corner at Aldersgate.

I will be a team player, keep in touch and reach out to everyone in the Ward, all year long.

I will provide a quarterly report of my work. So you can hold me to account.

I will be independent from party politics and represent your views.

It is my passionate belief that the City thrives because of its diversity of people, businesses and organisations.The creativity of thought and new energy that the City harnesses daily enables us to ensure the City remains a world-leading centre for doing business.

It is with this conviction that I believe my personal offer to you, with fresh perspectives, new energy, and respect for City traditions, holds true for our community here in Cheap.

It would be an immense honour to represent you and be your City champion.

I therefore hope you will give me one of your votes tomorrow, and I look forward answering your questions today.”

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