This morning I joined the safer roads team for a Community Roadwatch patrol. I helped the City of London Police with checking speed limits. We caught 20 vehicles going over 24 miles per hour, including one van doing 33 and a motorcyclist doing 29 in a 20 zone. This is just one of the initiatives in the City to promote safer roads.

Community Roadwatch is an initiative by the City of London Police, in partnership with TfL, that gives members of the public the opportunity to work side by side with the Police team, and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles.


Warning letters are issued where appropriate, and the information can help to inform the future activity of local police teams. This is important because research shows that speed is often a contributory factor in road collisions.

You too can sign up to join a Community Roadwatch patrol and see the police in action – click here for more info.

Road safety is one of the key issues people raise with me when we are discussing priorities for the City of London. Following questions from City workers in the Ward of Cheap I therefore requested a meeting in early February with the Corporation’s Road Safety Team to get an update on actions being taken in the Square Mile. The team doesn’t only look at speeding cars, but also cyclists and pedestrians. Ultimately we all have a shared responsibility for creating safer roads. See previous blog on my meeting with the Road Safety Team here.