I have written a blog about Bank Junction redesign last month – click here. The City will soon start an awareness campaign and public consultation in the local area, which will include the question around accessibility and use of taxis. But I am keen to get your views now. You can either email me or fill in a short survey here. Because I believe it is crucial to make sure all road users and local residents, businesses and City workers get involved in shaping the final plans.

What is happening when?

The scheme will mean that from late April 2017 only pedal cyclists and buses will be permitted to cross Bank Junction, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7am to 7pm. The experiment will last up to 18 months and will not begin until work on Canon Street is completed.

Why is this happening?

The primary objective is to achieve a 50-60% reduction in casualties in the area. The City is also expecting to see improvements in air quality at the junction and reduced journey times for bus passengers on a number of routes.

What effect will this have on traffic?

The City has worked closely with Transport for London to ensure that the surrounding streets are not adversely impacted by the remodeled junction. Traffic signals will be modified to regulate the overall network when the scheme goes live. The City’s expectation is that average vehicle journey times in the vicinity will be improved or at least maintained.

What impact will this have on those with accessibility requirements?

Vehicles will still be able to pick up and drop off passengers near the junction, just as they do at the moment with the existing barriers such as guard railing. To mitigate the impact on taxis, new taxi ranks and an extension of existing taxi ranks will be provided.

Where can I get more information?

More information is available via the City Corporation website, www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/bankonsafety, which is updated regularly. You can also contact the team directly at bankarea@cityoflondon.gov.uk or 020 7606 3839 or contact me and I can raise issues on your behalf.