Theresa May’s Brexit speech, Lord Chancellor Truss said that we need to get the best possible Brexit deal for the legal profession. Ms Truss issued a call to make sure the legal profession is “standing ready to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by Brexit, at an event in the City attended by leading figures from law firms”. It’s important that we look at all different sectors operating in the City, this includes financial services, but also the legal and professional services.

Here’s her statement in full:

“English law is rightly renowned across the globe, making this country a great place to invest, do business, litigate and seek justice. It is in the interests of all European countries who want to do business here that we maintain civil justice cooperation when we leave the EU, so we are already working to make sure we get the best possible deal for the profession. As we enter this exciting new era, I am pleased to be working with judges and the industry to ensure we tap into all talents and continue to lead the world in the increasingly competitive legal services sector.”

Backing Truss’s comments, the chairman of the bar, Andrew Langdon QC, said:

“Preserving certainty and uniformity for cross-border civil and family judgements is critical to the protection of millions of citizens who travel to or buy goods from other Member States. The same applies to thousands of small businesses which operate across borders.”